BesdaY adeq Shima

20 JUn 07..
My Dear Sis pUnyer BesdaY..noRazurashima ..

Penat Duk PLan,,x tau nak Buat apER..
mula2 PLan ngaN NOr..ngan BOB..ngan BukiT dePU..
BIncaNG ngaN nor ngan BOB laa..
Tp,,lasT miniT prog ini tpakse di cancel
kalu la proG tu menjdai,,komPOm nangis airmate daraH laa.
siap nak LibatKan ZahRUl,,mujUr la ZahRUL ader hal..datE la kaTEnyerr..
CanCEl sbb CUace KUranG eloK la cter neh..
NOr x dpt dataNG kat BukiT depu..hujaN lebaT sgT...
so..aku POn jalaNKan plan BiaSER..
g mkn2..lepaKK kaT baTU buRUKK..

koNON2 nak ManDIKan ngna TEpUNG n teLOr..tapi si paH lak x sampai ati
nak manDIkan adeq ngan telor..zalIm katenyer..
isHHH..aku pon tpakse la buaT sendiri,,
BUkan senang nak TariK dier kuaR dr kete..
Yg pastinYEr adeq Berjaya dimandikan ngan Telor n ganDUM..
HepY besdaY deQ..

MUke ADEQ aftEr dimanDIkan ngan TEloR n TEpung..

emm,,selamat satu perkara..
esOKnyer aku ader taLK kaT besUt lak,
ishh..Geng2 DTMP nak beli kek... aku x der..x pe laaa..aku han
dle dr jauh..
tp..menuruT kate bob,,ifaH nih buaT hall..
hehee..ifaH..marah kaT bob,.,Dier kate kaT ifahh..
sy tukang ketawa jerr..
beli kekk,,


iFah+ aDEQ

HepY besDay adeQ..
seMoge bahagia dUnia akHIrat..
akak Sentiasa menjaNjikan yg TErbaik utk adeQ..
hepY sokmo..
hope ape yg terJadI pd mlm Besday adeq..
akan Dikenang selaLU,,
sayang adEQ..

haRi ini

BorIng Day..
pG ni kol 8 daH bertaPak kaT opis..
YanG bezanYer aDEq x der..
g taLK ditemani abanG diert kaT beSUT,,
uwaa,,tiNggal la aKu keseoraNgan.
x BesTnyerr dOraNG x DEr.. naK wat keje,bukak BloG duLU..

paGi nie..
BerjayEr Bgth daZrol nak Maen bOwLIng khamIs,,confIdeNT gler!!!
padaHal x taU lagIH sape yg NaK main..
hehee..SiaP bookiNG utk 2 lanE tuhh..
kalau x JD, JGn maraH TENGKU dAZroL arman Syahh..

aKU ingatkan im da st persoN who enter lect's rOOM..
RupenyER..huda daH bertapak dahh..
urm,,br rasEr nak Bangga mai awaL..hehheee

lasT niTE..

laST nite..
g aNto shery baLik sYah aLam..
adek kPd La ngaN bob ngaN faRahh..
adeQ ksyanGan la nihh..
tP,,la ngan faraH x ikUT,,sebak sGt katenyerr..
x saNGGUp nak uCaPkan SElamaT tinggaL..
so,,aku tpakse laa temanKan ngan adeQ..
dier naik fliGT kol 9..
so g awal la..nak cheCk in..

spJg sherry duk umah kitoraNG so many things yg Kitorang lalui..
Byk sGt kenangan, kan shima??
adeq aku paliNg byK kenangan,,
knangan tGk cd samEr2..gelak ketawa samer2..tepuk tanpo same2..
bYk benDE sWEeT laa
pasNi..dTG la laGIh kaT trg,,esP BUKIT DEPU..hehehe

gaMBo kaT aiRPORT


cTer 2 day,,
GeraM banGat rasER..
sKT giler aTi guaa..cess,,kUranG asam betOi laa..
da One thaT i hatE verY muCh..cess
naPe la jD caMtuh..
jaHaTT..x phmNyerr...

2day pUnYER cTER..

2daY is reGistratIon 4 sTudeNt..
so..i'm quite bz laa..(BuaT2 bz jer..)
2day..miCroteacHing foR DTMP Tutor..
3 pErsON..all oF theM frOM UKM..
yess!!!!!!!ColoNy ukm LaGIhh...

PenaT tgk org ngaJor..nak evaluate dOranG.
JOb is,,have 2 face iT!!!
now reHaT kaT staffrOOM..
aDEQ g mkn ngaN abg naK ikUT..kacaU daUN jerkk..
si MalEK ngaN zaa..settLekan sal JaDUal..
si iFahh..nganTOK,,duk kacaU aku waT keje..
si huDa,,duk LayaN bluess..
org laiN sume x Der..g manEr ntaHHH..
jaP g aDER penUtup orientasII..kne g..
NamPOK doHHH,,tahaN mate jeerr..nganTOK...

aliF aiman

me+aIMan..Dis is My loVely CousiN..
cHat liKe Me laa..
kuaT mkn caM mummy Die,,caM cousin diER..

aT da DolPhin Bay

Cter palINg bEST skang ni @ 8tv kol 7-8am..
bangUN pagI tgk cTEr nih laa..kol 8 baru manDi n siaP g opiS..

Cter ni mmG beST..yess

Cter palINg bEST skang ni @ 8tv kol 7-8am..
bangUN pagI tgk cTEr nih laa..kol 8 baru manDi n siaP g opiS..


A fairytale about two immortal lovers that conquered all. That's how At the Dolphin Bay begins.

We are then shown a flashback of events that took place some 20 years ago. A little girl (Angela Zhang Shao Han) found herself in an orphanage after her mother was killed by a speeding car. Prior to that we are taken to an office and we see her mother begging an old gentleman to take custody of the girl. The old gentleman turned out to be her grandfather and the Chairman of SET TV. He sarcastically told her mother that he did not recognize the girl since she was a lovechild of his son. The girl developed some sort of trauma and avoided speaking to anyone.

It is in this Catholic orphanage where Xu Ce Ya (Ambrose Hsu Shao Yang), who was then known as Tah-Tah and the orphaned girl first see each other as orphaned kids. She came to be known as Siao Pin Kang and was always being teased by other kids because she was afraid to speak, traumatized by the tragic death of her mother. Tah-tah would come to her protection. He swore that they would not be separated from each other, ever.

Later, the old gentleman decided to adopt one of the two kids and he came to pick up the boy. Siao Pin Kang and her dolphin doll were the ones that reminded the boy about her. When he left, Siao Pin-Kang was adopted by another woman who ran a noodle shop by the Dolphin Bay. She was then christened as Tien Pien. She would spend most of her time at an old ship by the Bay with figures of dolphins all around and look at the vast sea in front of her. She would dream of becoming a big star like Mandy Shen Man Qing (Jill Xu Jie Er).

After 20 years, Xu Ce Ya returned from studying in the United States to become the the General Manager of SETTV. It was his grandfather who put this post into his hands, even though his other grandchild Shan Ni (Penny Lin Wei Xin) also aimed at becoming GM. Shan Ni's mother made life difficult for Xu Ce Ya, but his grandfather always had faith in the talent and ability of the boy.

Xu Ce Ya and Tien Pien crossed paths again after 20 years, when Xu Ce Ya happened to be in need of directions one day. Since then, he would visit Tien Pien regularly. She auditioned at SETTV to become the new contract star for the SkyWalk project, together with her idol Mandy Shen Man Qing. She came in late during the day of the auditions but with the help of Xu Ce Ya, she got the part. It seemed that everybody -- Mandy, Shan Ni and even Mandy's boyfriend and talent manager Xiao Kang (Wallace Huo Jian Hua) disliked her.

Xiao Kang trained Tien Pien and through the preparations for the SkyWalk project, he began to get close to her. Because of this, Mandy hired a new talent manager to replace Xiao Kang. Meanwhile, Shan Ni also developed feelings for Xu Ce Ya after he rescued her from a demented fan who plotted to bomb the SETTV studio. Later, Xu Ce Ya and Shan Ni discovered that Tien Pien was the long lost granddaughter and half sister of Shan Ni. They eventually told their grandfather about this, and the grandfather revealed that he really wanted Shan Ni to marry Xu Ce Ya. Much to their disappointment, the grandfather denied Tien Pien and only recognized Shan Ni as his grandchild. Despite this, Xu Ce Ya's true feelings for Tien Pien remained.

Tien Pien's album was a flop. The project was ready to be trashed were it not for Xiao Kang's intervention. The grandfather gave a seven-day extension; if the project failed, they'd scrap it. Xiao Kang brought Tien Pien's album to the streets even if it meant he would lose all the money he earned as a talent manager. Tien Pien sang to people too woo them to buy the album. It seemed a miracle was what Tien Pien and Xiao Kang needed. Indeed it came.

Two foreigners took notice of her voice. Unknown to both Xiao Kang and Tien Pien, these two were actually talent scouts searching for a new commercial model for the product Aqua Aura. While everyone thought Mandy would get the stint, they offered the part to Tien Pien! One thing led to another and almost overnight, Tien Pien became a household name.

Shan Ni was diagnosed with leukemia. She also began feeling sisterly love for Tien Pien. Because of the grandfather's arrangement for Tien Pien to live with them and Shan Ni's sickness, Xu Ce Ya decided to marry her. The wedding did not push through. Shan Ni fainted during the ceremony and she was rushed to the hospital. Tien Pien offered to serve as a donor for the bone marrow Shan Ni needed to survive, but hers was not an exact match with Shan Ni's. Shan Ni began to accept her fate and that she'd die pretty soon.

She wished that she could work on Tien Pien's world tour even before she departed and that Tien Pien would take care of Xu Ce Ya for her.

In the last few episodes, the rift between Mandy and Tien Pien was resolved. She even got to sing at Tien Pien's concert. The concert ended tragically as Shan Ni did not live long enough to see its successful end. She died that same night. Meanwhile Tien Pien dumped Xiao Kang and told him that Mandy still loved him.

A year after, we see Tien Pien's foster mother and Shan Ni's mother fetch Tien Pien from the airport after a successful world tour. Tien Pien has now become a successful artiste! In the final scene Xu Ce Ya and his grandfather drive to the orphanage and as he is driving away, he recognizes Tien Pien, gets off the car and they go into each other's arms, never to be apart ever again.

Cter CoNFiDENT ifaHH

cTEr sal semalaM..
neW BaD,,But ader moRal story laa..
mOral sToRY,no maTTER waT hapen,,we 've 2 be CoNfideNt..
alwitzz cOnfiDEnT..yess!!!!

i had taLK aT SMK baDrul aLam Syahh kaT kemamaN..
aku g dengan raihan n IfaHH..
so interestIng la Our journEY,,
menarik,,sbb raihaNN..
raiHan suke iKUt jalaN jauH<
On da Way,,tbe kete raihan caM ader Bunyi somethinG..
raihan kaTE..tingkaP x kemas KOt,,
tp,,stIll ader bunYI laGIH..
aku kaTE ,,ni sbb steseN radio nehhh..
line x cleaR sGT..
HOTfm x cleaR maner kaT area DungUN.hehhe..confiDEnt gler!
pasTu,,kiTorang meneruskan perjaLann dengan CONFIDENT nYErr..
pasTu bunyi kete raIhan mkn Kuat..
aku daH gelabaH>>raihan pon bREnti..
rupe2nyerr skirting bwh kete raihan tercaBUt,,
wira SE..
kan canTiik skirting tuHHH..
kitoraNG x tahu nak waT camNEr..nak ikaaT x der tali..
raihan pon ambik la screw dRiver..
aku pon cube la bukak screw kat dpn..kat tayaR tuhhhh..
x bolehhh,,aku pon tanye la ifahhHH..
camNEr ni iFah..x boleh nihhh..
ifah kate mmg x leh la Kot..
aku pon tny ifaHH,,kalau kat kedai baiki kete..diorang buaT camNer ekk,,
saje nak tau laa,,camnEr nak bukak screw tuhh..
Dengan ConfideNtnyerr..ifah jawaB...
kak kedai tuh,,mst ader screw driver yg beloK..ala2 cam huruf L tuhh/.
oo..aku angguk je laa..kot2 mmg ader betoi keR..
tp..muke ifaH 2 mmg cONFIDENT,,aku percaya laaa..
pasTU mintak tlg oRG,,dio nak tolong bukak scREw tuhh,,
dier kate..dek,,cube pusing tayaR ketee...nak bukak screw nehhh..
Rupe2nyERr nak bukak screw tuhH..pusing tayaar ketee,,br lehh buaT keje
tu je solutIonnyer..
penaT aku duk ketawakan ifaHHH,,sb td ifah confideNt sgTT..
conFIDENT yg SeterusnYER..
orG tuh nak bukak skirting tuHHH..die kaTe ader screw kaT bwh nihh,,kne bukak dulu..
ifah deNgan CONFIDENT nyerr cakaP>>
maner ader screw kat bwh tuh..just tarik jer..
org tuh diam jer..ader laa...die kate...
ifah duk lawan sambil cube tarik skriting tuh,,
rupe2nyER mmg axder screwwww...hahhahaaa/..
ape laGIh,,ketawakan ifaH lagihh..
ifah ifahh..mmg cOnfideNT sGT..
tp ..mmG bagUs laaa,,biNa sifaT yakIN dalam DIRI TUhhh..
patut dContohi laaa

New lecTurer ROOM

aLL DTmP tutOr pinDah kaT neW leCTure RooM..
wPOn kecIk..tP TEtaP merIah..
DeNgan adaNyer staFF yg MeriaH,,meriaH la BiliK nih..
dengan Adenyer..
aKU,adeq shIma, raiHan,hudaa, ifaH,malEk,za, kak aNN, salehah, kak waan ngan HajaR..
KoloNI dah smakIn bertambaH nampaknyER,,
weLcome to all new DTMp staFF..
hopefullY,,we caN be beTTER than be4..
hopefullY all of u caN suPPOrt me..
if anytHIng happen..or x puas Ati,,kecIk aTI..
plz leT me KNow,,

NileCtuREr YG berKalibER sume,,wat keje masIng2..

PemaNdaNGan bIlik baRU

cTEr beNar


> Kisah betul ini berlaku kat Ampang... Kisah benar yang berlaku 2 tahun
> lepas(diceritakan oleh kawan baik kepada lelaki yang bernama Amir (nama
> samaran)...utkdijadikan teladan bagi kita yg masih hidup.
> Kawan aku ni seorang salesman kereta, bercinta dgn seorang anak jutawan
> di Area Bukit Antarabangsa. Malangnya, percintaan ini ditolak kerana
> kawan aku ini seorang salesman kereta.
> Satu malam, mereka bercadang utk melarikan diri. Selepas berjaya
> melarikan diri, bapak perempuan ini sedar akan kehilangan anak
> perempuan
> kesayangan dan telah membuat laporan polis dan juga telah membuat iklan
> di akhbar tempatan dgn mengatakan dia akan menerima teman lelakinya itu
> jika dia balik ke rumah.
> Bila mendengar berita ini, perempuan itu balik ke rumahnya di bukit
> antarabangsa dan keluarga pihak permpuan itu pun menerima lelaki ini
> dengan seadanya.
> Enam bulan kemudian, mereka bercadang utk berkahwin dan persiapan utk
> majis perkahwinan itu sedang disediakan. Nak dijadikkan cerita, Semasa
> Lelaki ini pergi membeli Kentaki kat Ampang Point, dia kena langgar
> kereta di hadapan perempuan tersebut dan keesokan harinya lelaki itu
> pun
> dikebumikan. Kejadian ini amatlah meyedihkan perempuan tersebut kerana
> tinggal beberapa hari sahaja lagi perempuan itu hendak berkahwin dgn
> lelaki kesayangannya.
> Pada satu malam, ibu perempuan ini mendapat mimpi, Seorang nenek tua
> meminta utk membersihkan percikan darah di baju pengantin perempuan
> itu,
> kalau tidak, sesuatu yang akan buruk akan berlaku. Tapi, ibu perempuan
> tersebut tidak mengendahkannya.
> Malam berikutnya, Ayah perempuan tersebut pula menerima mimpi yang sama
> iaitu seorang nenek tua meminta utk membersihkan percikan darah di baju
> pengantin perempuan itu, kalau tidak, sesuatu yang akan buruk akan
> berlaku. akan tetapi, ayah perempuan tersebut jugak tidak
> megendahkannya.
> Malam ke tiga, -perempuan itu pula menerima mimpi yang sama seperti
> ayah
> dan ibunya dan diceritakan mimpi tersebut kepada kedua ibu dan ayahnya.
> Dalam ketakutan y ang amat sangat, diap un pergi membasuh baju itu dan
> macam mana kuat dia basuh pun, darah tetap ada...
> Malam keempat, dia mendapat mimpi yang serupa.. Seorang nenek tua
> menyuruh dia membasuh darah itu bersih2 dan jika tidak, malang akan
> menantinya..Bia bangun, perempuan itu pun terus menyental baju tersebut
> sehingga kain tersebut menjadi haus, akan tetapi, darah itu tetap
> adaa...
> Keesokan harinya, perempuan itu terkejut apa bila pintu belakang
> rumahnya
> di ketuk bertalu2 dan munculah nenek tua tersebut dan perempuan itu pun
> pengsan..
> Setelah terbangun dari pengsan, lalu nenek tua itu pun menguhurkan
> benda
> yang berwarna biru...
> Perempuan itu bertanya kepada nenek tua itu "apa ini...?"

> Ni lah Sabun Basuh Cap Dynamo, letak kan sedikit dan kotoran akan hilang...
> err..yg ni adalah pakej percubaan aja, kalau nak yang besar, beli kat
> kedai..... kat Giant pun ader!!!! ..............ahaks!!

> hehehehhhhehehehh......
> Jangan marah eden pun terkenajuga....hehhe


cter saL semalaM..
aku ni mmG suke sGT mkn Bende2 yg x menyihaTkan baDan..
bak kaTE yanie,ida,sabeetha,,raiza n kwn2 kaT ukm dulu..
aNtaRa bneDE yg palINg aku suke..benDE yg x sihaT:
1. air Jeruk..(air jerUK yg bEST..yg BerasiD tuhh,,ishhh)
2. Maggi
3. MakaNan yanG pedaS gler..samPai nipis PeruT aku KOT..kalau la leh sCaN...
4. KulIT aYam,,hehehhe

Bangun pg smalam,,aku pon bukak la Peti aIs.skali aku namPaK bende yg merangsangkan oTak aku utk amBik dan MKn,,
JEruk pElam yang ader air jERuk..huhhh..
Bestnyerr..deNGan selambernyerr aku mkn jeruK tuh,,hiRUP air tuhhh..
menjerIT sume houseMatE aku,,adeq shima,mekLa n faRah..
saMpai paH punYe pasaL la nih..
tp yg x eLOknyer..sbb x mkn ape2 POn laGIH pg tUHH..
SErONOK,,,yaniee besT nyerrrr..heheheeee (yanie,,mesti geleng kpalE diee...)
SHima Terus aNto mSg kaT heR broTHer..bgth akak minum aIR jeRUK,,
caM biaser,,heR bro soKOng die lahhh..isHHHH....

Tghari kuaR la g belI caRpet kaT pasaR paYang,,adeq jumpe kwn die..
aKu pon Jalan la..
naMpak Lak jERUK pelam..
urmm..ape laGIh..aku pon beli laa..RM2.00
aku naK hiruP la airnyerr,,tapI bocOr..
letak la dLM plastIK lain,,adeq n hEr bro duk katE.."eh,,na,,ambik straw tuhh,,hirup la Gune straW tuhhhhh"...aku katE..'menarik jugok tuhhh!!!!!!!!!!"
aku pon ambik starw,,hirup ngan StarWW ...
hehehe..smpai habs aIR jerUKK..
caYe x??mmg FeaR FaCTOr..
sbb mmg Bayk gleR air jerUk tuhhh..

SamPai kaT opis..dIoraNG heBOHkan SaTU opis.
yanG aku duk minuM JERUK PENG..
KuraNG asaM betoi la DIOranG nihh..

BorinG daY

So sLeepY toDay..
ni GamBO bOriNG..gaMBo TGk ikaN kak AnieY..
NaK ikaN gaKKK..naK beLa ikan CaM kak Aniee.
hehehe..beLa KucinG x sUke..
tapi Bela ikaN,,caM comeY jek..
Kan Kak aNieY..
aCtuaLLY penaT arI nih,,bYk keje..
tp..BuaT2 caM biaSER jekk..

besDaY laGIH

hePy bEsdaY to My cOusiN..
aIdil aFzaL..
aLso..hePy bEsdaY to HusBanD Diana..
SemOGE harI esOK leBIh BermaKna..

HePy bESdaY..bob

HEPy BesDaY to MY DeaR fREn..
U're alReadY OLD..dah TUe daH..
Hope U EnJOy bOut wHat We haVE DOnE 4 u..
SeMoge di mUrahKan reZEki,,BahaGia dUnia AkhraT..
SeMOgE imPian JaDI ReaLITI..

SaD sTOry

SEmaLam peNUH maKNa..
semalam,,petang semalam aku mmG baD mud sgT.pressuRE sal keje..
seDEh,,nak NanGis..tapi caM biase..
insaN baik n alwitz caRE bouT me,,alwaY give suPPORT..(mmuaHH to boTH of u)
aku mmg presasure,,caM baise ar..ble pressuRE,,muke x jadi..mate asyK nak NanGios jekk..
so,.nak Hilangkan tenseN,,aku joiN gak Adeq shima n BOB jogging..
wuJUD la SaD stoRY sal SEmalam..uwaaa..
aku,shima n BOB g la jogging kat BaTU buRUK,,sambil tengok pemaNDangan
yang Menarik la kaT batu burUK tuhh..
jogging la punyer jogging..
aku jogging laa,,daLam ati still sedEh,,sbb terlalu Pressure..
so jog laaa,,taNpa peDulikan oRG,,
hbs 3 rouND..aku jog..aku tercari2 shima ngan bob..
x der POn dioranG..masuk round 4,,x der Gak,,,masuk RouND 5 pon x der gaKK..
manE adeq shima????manER bob nihh??nape x DER????
pasTU..aku waT la kptsn nak g laYan blues kaT pantai jap..panTai area SItu laa..
lpskaN tensen La biase..sedEY laaa..

laMer gak la aKU lepak siTU,,samBIl tgk pemanDangan..
memikirkan ape kesudahan aku..keje??future??ader blakEr lahhh.
pressure sal keje..uwaa..

daH boring duk situ,,g la BalIK kat tmpT jog..
nampak la ngan BOB..
muke pressure adeq shima ngan bob,,nape g2???
rupenyerr dioranG penat cari aku merata tempaT..
adeq shima nak nangis..maTE pon berkaca..sbb taKUT aku hilang..
mcm diorang pk,,takUt aku kne culik laa,penGsan la..sbb aku x mkn tghari,,
jauhNYEr dioranG pk,,
aku tersenyum.,,,sy selamaT laaa..x dok apER pon..
adeQ shima paling pressure muke dier..sedeh jeR,,
dier taKUt sgt dier kaTE..bob pon samER...
adeq kaTe x pernah lagi rase cam sy mcm nak gileR..
uwaaa..terharu sGT..
i know that she loVE me a LOT..bob poN same,,GUD Fren..
boTH of u loVe me,,yesSSS....
adeq shima n bOB,,soRRY coz susahKan koranG..
thanKs a LOT..
TErhaRU sgt2..
mmg Rase sDH sGT..x tau nak cakaP ape..
LOve u GUYsss..adeq shima,,sy mmg syg shima dunia aKHirat..u're my dear sIS..
BOB,,u're my truly FREn..seyess...

NI Muke Sy ngaN shima,,mukE buDak hilaNG..
mukE aDEQ shima Yg sedEY,,

ME + ShiMa

Me+AdeQ Shima+boB