day 4/4/07


yanie said tomorow is our big event!!i'm agreed with her!
RAIZA wedding!!!
my FReeNN,,,
mmg tak terlintas pon difikiran dat RAIZA will be da 1st person who will get married..ingatkan eta/ida/yanie,,hhehhheee

da best day,,today ida come to ptpl to be interview!!!
microteaching!!hehee,,aku jd panel,,hehheee
tersengih2 ida..
something happened...ida pakai selipar je mase microteaching!!
mmg slamber ahh,,hehhee...tersengih jer aku,,aku pon tak perasan..

the way she taught same mcm kat UKM biler time aku tak paham sal lecture,,
hehee..tak berubah,,ape2 pon..overall ok!!!
but i still dont know about result 4 i'view 2day.hopefully she will get dis job!!!
tambah lagih colony PTPL COLLEGE

Dos evening we are going to KB..
so hepy..leh jumpe all my member.. YANIE,HIKMAH,ETA,JUN andddd RAIZAAAAAA...

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