My DearesT rooMatE..hoUsemaTe..OfficeMate..
and My LOvEly Sis..
u AlwitZ maKe me hePy..
rEally HePY 2 haVe someOne Like u,DeaR!!
sO manY thinG we HaD shaRED 2getHER..
BersaMa2 gENg yg LaIN..NOR,rini,lina,zila,khalBi aT BukiT dePU..
moSt of THem..dah takDer..
juST u n Me..
really hOpe u caN alwitZ be Here..(mustaHIL glerrr)
I caNt imagine iF one Day..u haVe 2 gO,,
Far frOm me..uwaaa..
sume oRG yg dKt ngaN sy,,suMEr perGI..
NOR..bUt,,she's still here..stILL at TRG..
sHima..if 1 Day,,u haVe 2 go,,jusT wanna wisH u..
GUDLUK n nEver foRgeT me..plzzz..
u realLY meaN a lOt 2 me..
sHima daH mcM adeq sy..uwaaaa

1 comment:

  1. HUrm...My deAr SiS....MY gOd We look So faT...Luv U SOo MucH...MuuUAAHHsss