HaRi BowLiNg seDuNia

Hari Bowling sedunia..
maEn bOwliNg pas Habis iNternal aUDiT..
BertuNGkus LUmus sume Org,,
ThankXX to aLL of u..
DTMP mmG bagUs..
sY mmg KaGUM ngaN kaMU sume..
u're GreaT..bUkan DTMP shj..suPPOrt yg Laen pon..
sUme staff laen ..pRogram laiN..
ngaN bob,,ngan zahrul ngAN sume org laaa kesimpulannyerrr..
to all DTMP staff..thankxx..
we've to be stROng..jGn tenSen2 suME oRG..
trIme seadaNYer..GudLUK to all OF u..
THankxx a LOt to IfaHHH..lasTtime maen bowling nagn IFahHHH..
ifaHHH..da GREaT One..

ifaH yang Paling bErsemanaGT maen BowliNG.

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