almost 3 weeks we're doing a job like crazy,,
8'clock in da morning n 1200'clock..n sometimes the next day,,
wowwww...bijox ah...
me,shima,zila,nurul n sometimes rini,,had so many work to do,,
lab for DTMP student!!!!!!!!

start from 10/3/07..lister and en yusof from syah alam came to trg to setup our lab..wwawwaaa..angkut brg dari lab yang jauh,,berat gilerr!!!!!!
nsb la ader bob the builder!!hahaaa..our assistant!!!!without gaji laa,,cian bobb!!!!
BUT da most important thing ...both lister n en yusof are very good person..serius!!
i'm very proud 2 both of u..
n one more really hepy to have frens n anak buah yang BAIK n coorperate between us,,to SHIMA,ZILA,NURUL,IFAH...thanks for everything,,sangup dtg mlm2 bute sampai kol 12 lebih,,to set up our lab,,to our student!!!!!korang sume mmg baik..
tak kesah keje sampai lewat mlm,,mgkin ader yg terdetik dhati,,pk kan sume ni,,tapi i know all of u mg bagus,,n can give a good commitment to me,,
also to huda, raihan n za..thankssss a lot..
also to BOB...yg byk membantu,,heeee,,,seyes bob!!!!
n until 2.11am,,u all still at college,to settle everything!!!!
korang sume mmg bagusss,,,i really hepy coz dapat rakan sekerja cam korang...
especially geng BUKIT NOR also,,LINA..RINI...u mean a lot me...

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