ImPiaN Ilyana

Ashraf Muslim as Izham

Ashraf Muslim plays Izham, the intelligent, charismatic senior at UITM whom all the girls want but, well you’ll have to watch to find out more.
Ashraf is quite the athlete offscreen – a regular on the basketball court. He braved an injury to his eye to shoot his first episode with us…
Ashraf is a regular guy who enjoys hanging out at the mamak, drinking his sirap, eating his mee rebus jawa, reading his newspaper and his cleo magazine!
His idol is Donald Trump!

Nur Lydia as Illyana

Lydia Ibtisam, who was born in Cairo, Egypt, plays the lead Illyana in this second season of Impian Illyana. Since her debut in Impian Illyana Season 1, Lydia has appeared in other popular TV3 dramas, taking on roles that have both challenged and inspired her in her career.
“Acting demands focus, requires a lot of energy and involves quite a bit of homework” says Lydia who has always loved acting, even as a child, when she would act out various plays with her siblings.
Lydia is truly a girl of many talents. She even sings the Impian Illyana theme song! When she is not busy on shoot, she does copywriting for Tourism Malaysia. This funny, down to earth 25 year old, holds a degree in Multimedia Communications from UM. She aspires to be a good story teller and dreams of becoming a teacher.
Lydia loves reading, swimming, and fish (as pets, not to eat!). When she is not caring for her…fish, Lydia enjoys quality time by herself; singing, writing songs and playing the guitar.

Her philosophy in life – “Enjoy everything you do, love the people around u and everything will be fine”. It’s no wonder that her name “ibtisam” actually means “smile” in Arab!

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