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Breastfeeding for the Busy Mom

We all know that breastfeeding is best but it may be challenging if you are a working mum. Here are some tips to make it work

It’s no secret that breastfeeding is the best gift you can give to your baby. Yet many working moms will confess they had to stop after a few months, whether because they ran out of milk or because it was simply too difficult to fit into their schedule.

Still, many working moms have successfully breastfed their babies, some even for years! What’s their secret? got some moms to share their success stories and tips:

  1. “You need to be very determined that you want the best for your child and yourself by breastfeeding. After reading about the many benefits of breastfeeding in the media, I decided to stick to it for one year even though it really wasn’t easy. But the sense of satisfaction for having the discipline is great ~ YES..opCOZZZ!!
  2. “Do your homework during your third trimester. Check out the available breastfeeding facilities at your workplace, and if they are lacking, start making alternative plans. It isn’t a lot of trouble- all you need is a fridge where you can store your milk, and an empty room where you have the privacy to express your milk. But be sure to tag your milk, in case someone else drinks it by mistake!”~ ME mmg terlambat buat Homework nih..lambat sangat dapat info sal BF ni
  3. “I feel it’s important to inform your boss of your intention to continue breastfeeding even at work. My strategy was to tell my bosses that breast-fed babies have stronger immunities, which means fewer coughs, colds or infections. This means I’ll take fewer days off work and have higher productivity for the company. If it doesn’t affect your work performance, most employers won’t mind.” ~ bos mmg kene la kan..tetibe tgh meeting,nak kuar jap 4 sesi pengepaman..alhamdulillah..bos me paham!
  4. “Before starting, prepare at least a dozen small milk bottles and stickers to tag the dates on the bottles. I read that breast milk can stay fresh in the fridge for two days and two weeks in the freezer. During my baby’s first year, my freezer was full of bottles with my expressed milk!”~ me xde freezer!yg khusus utk ebm!next bb la kot!
  5. “My friend used a breast pump to express milk, which she said helped her save time during expression. But it didn’t work for me; I preferred to hand-express. You just need to know what you’re more comfortable with.”~ me used spectra3!jimat!!
  6. “I used to boil all bottles and nipples for ten minutes before use but now I use a commercial steriliser for my bottles. It’s more convenient and fast, especially for a busy mom like me.”~ wajib!!me used sterile tablet!
  7. “Did you know the breasts are really unstable during the first two or three months? Mine used to leak in the middle of the day! Fortunately I’ve got breast pads, or else my clothes would all be soaking wet. But that’s good news, because it means my milk flow is still healthy. I learnt to recognise the signs that my breasts would be leaking soon, and close the door to express my milk into a bottle for my baby at home.”~ me slalu terlupe bwk brestpad,,so paham2 je la if terlambat nak pam!Adoii..basah habisss!
  8. “I think the only way to make it work is to plan your day ahead. Set a routine for feeding, expressing and storing milk. Breastfeed while at home, and express during set hours such as 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm. Once you’ve got a routine, it becomes easier.”~ya,,sokong!!
  9. “I was initially embarrassed to tell your colleagues that I was breastfeeding, but later decided that they need to know why I was making frequent disappearing acts during the day. They respect me more, now that they know I tried so hard to continue breastfeeding even with a rising career.”~yes,,im proud 2 b BF mom!
  10. “You must make sure your maid or baby-sitter is properly briefed on how to feed your baby with the expressed milk. The information should include which bottles to use first, how to thaw and how to sterilise bottles after use. If the milk is not finished, it must be thrown away and not kept in the fridge to be reused. You must also check whether she is really feeding the baby your milk; some babysitters will just throw it away because they feel it’s too much trouble.”~ alhamdulillah..SIL yg jage anak no problem laaa!
  11. “Every morning, my maid takes out a bottle of my expressed milk from the fridge and puts it into a large cup or bowl of hot water for about ten minutes to thaw it. In the meantime, she bathes the baby and dresses her in fresh clothes. When she gets back to the kitchen, the milk is ready for feeding. I’ve warned her never to thaw milk in the microwave as the milk may heat unevenly and form boiling spots that will burn the baby’s tongue.” ~ sangat kene berjaga2..dont use microwave or heat direct!!
  12. “I had a few trial runs two weeks before I started work to see how much time it takes for me to express a sufficient amount of milk. I also started expressing and storing your milk so that I have ready supply for the first week before I began work.”~ me too!!
  13. “I was told that the breasts work on a demand and supply basis, so the more I feed, the more milk my body will produce. I didn’t want my milk supply to dry up so fast, so I kept feeding bay at the breast every night. At least, I managed to breastfeed him for more than a year doing that.” ~ nak gak BF Rifqy sampai 1years at least!!!!

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